Public Relations

Why Maguire PR

Maguire Public Relations, Inc. is a New York City-based, independent contractor boutique firm, headed up by PR specialist Jen Maguire.  

Contact Jen today to learn how to get senior level experience for producing state-of-the-art public relations and social media marketing communications campaigns for products, promotions and events.  We specialize in lifestyle brands, consumer products, entertainment, sports and media.

MPRI guides clients in communicating key marketing and news messages to targeted demographics using competitive, integrated best practices story telling.

Today's business arena demands that public relations be a part of the sell-through mix. But creating procedures for managing communications takes time and expertise.  MPRI is able to help brands cut through the clutter of hundreds of competitive and noncompetitive PR pitches that bombard reporters, producers and bloggers on a daily basis.

Our expertise in both journalism and marketing, along with in-house experience working with editors, stylists and promotional teams inside major media organizations, uniquely qualifies MPRI as a translator - trusted by organizations to position and deliver their news - and by press contacts and business partners to be an accurate, reliable source.

Ask us today how we can make waves for you.